Through this endpoint, you can delete a Brand.


Name Method Description
/v1/deletebrand POST This end-point will delete a brand from the Online Review Manager platform.

Request Parameters

Name Data Type Required/Optional Description
api_key string required This is the unique key given to your agency. This key can be found in your agency settings under the White Label API information tile.
brand_id integer required/optional This is the unique id of a brand in our system. The brand id can be sourced from the “Brand - Get” endpoint.
client_brand_id string required/optional This is the unique identifier of the Brand in your system. This value can be found in the brand sign-up form.

Sample Request


Response Data

You will recieve a success or error message. See sample success message below:

Sample Success Message:

  "status": "success",
  "message": "Brand has been deleted successfully."