Through this endpoint you can bulk upload multiple customer records and send review and survey requests.


Name Method Description
/v1/bulkrequest POST This end-point will send email and/or SMS review or survey requests to all customer records provided through an Excel file.

*Please be aware that important laws and regulations (such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act) govern the use of texting. You are responsible for complying with those laws.

Request Parameters

Name Data Type Required/Optional Description
api_key string required This is the unique key given to your brand when it was created. This key can be found in your brand settings under the account information tile.
type string required/optional This is the type of message you would like to send to the reciever. The request type is "Request" or "Survey". The default message type will be "Request". "Request" will send an online review request and "Survey" will send out a request to respond to a survey.
cs_filter string required/optional This only applies to "Request" and not "Survey". If the message is a request, cs_filter can be "Y". The default will be "N". The Customer Satisfaction filter is a tool to help send unhappy customers to a separate forum to leave a comment, while happy customers are directed to leave a review. If the Customer Satisfaction filter is enabled, the business will be able to issue their customer's an email where they are asked if their expectations were met. Please send one of them (N => For Off, Y => For On). The default will be 'N'.
survey_identifier string required/optional Use this link to source the Unique Survey Identifier (Check Survey Identifier). This field is required if message type is "survey".
bulk_file file required/optional Bulk upload Excel file. You must use the following excel template. Please download the sample file here (Bulk Request Template).

Sample Request


Response Data

You will recieve a success or error message. See sample success message below:

Sample Success Message:

    "status": "success",
    "message": "Your file was uploaded successfully. We are currently processing your request."